Stay still
half naked
looking out the window
near the tall mirror
Let me observe the curve
of your back
Let a nonchalent hand
stroke your shoulder
and the other ask your sex
while your strong tighs
accomplice of your feet
reveal your calves
Do not look at me
Let’s focus on you
Stand tall
Keep our love safe
in your chest
Embrace these days
of our blissful quest
before you exhaust me
before I can no longer
follow your immensity
Soon enough you will outgrow
this mine of a home
and I will disappear
beneath the ruins of my prime
Still, stay

Flowever wild

I wanted the world
for her
I wanted her
so bad
I brought flowers
She smiled and cried
so sad
You shouln’t have
She said
And here’s why
She claimed

Oh the wild flowers
are not to be touched
She said
Feed you eyes
Inhale and grow
your own beauty

Walk the field
while they grow
Sing along the way
Breed sun and wind
under your skin
Dance with them all

Oh the wild flowers
are not to be touched
She sang
Inhale and go

How well

How well you hide
Loving love of mine
Under the covers
Of some best tellers
Behind the curtains
Of remote mansions
Camouflaged alas
In the dense tall grass

Hardly I speak
The rythm you keep
Deep in the groins
In the heights of loins
Of masked deities
playing humanitease

Come out and brace
My heart with grace
How well you hide
Lively love of mine