About Me


That’s how a classmate used to call me way back then at college. Indeed, I am  smiley and generally cheerful. Here in this portrait, only pretending to be shy. I am quiet, but far from shy.

Poetry and art making

When I was a teen, I discovered poetry and made the commitment to write my own. I have been writing since then. I also draw and made only a few paintings. I have also taken lots of photos and I posted some here also. Just follow the links from the menu on the right.


Weights and swim : In recent years, 3 workouts weekly and swim once a week all year round.

Cardio : Escarpment stairs (some 380 steps) back and forth and skipping rope.

Bicycle : During the summer, I hit bicycle trails on my mountain bike usually for ride from 10-30 km.

Tennis : Even if I’m not very good at it.

Hiking : One of my favorite activities, I love mountains and fresh water.

Readings, movies, music and visual arts

I would like to take a moment to let you know that I enjoy reading (mostly newspapers, science magazines and non-fiction books). I also like all sorts of movies (SciFi, horror, action, thrillers, animation, etc.) I also listen to lots of different styles of music.

Where I live, places I’ve been, people to discover

I live in Hamilton, www.cityofwaterfalls.ca. See some of it in my photos section. The live music scene is quite lively here.