How well

How well you hide
Loving love of mine
Under the covers
Of some best tellers
Behind the curtains
Of remote mansions
Camouflaged alas
In the dense tall grass

Hardly I speak
The rythm you keep
Deep in the groins
In the heights of loins
Of masked deities
playing humanitease

Come out and brace
My heart with grace
How well you hide
Lively love of mine


A jackpot of tea party

The best job offer

For a stolen poem

The first steps of a first born

The tears after the fall

For a stolen poem

The courage to dance blind

The fishermen’s patience

For a stolen poem

Any body parts

Plus a bouquet of irises

For a stolen poem

A unifying theorem that works

The remains of dismantled quarks

For a stolen poem

Our blunt lover’s seeds

In our open palms

For a stolen poem

On a clear day

I am a living bridge

over the Forever

The river that follow flowers

from Lake Pure to the Sea of Love

On one end I touch the rocky Neverland

underneath my apron is a shelter

for the homeless reader

My other arm touches the wetlands of Plenty

Under me await a barge

that lulls new lovers

From my post I can flag

the bird of liberature

for a ride in the air

On a clear day

you can see the night

Here life thrives unabridged

All passes and all returns

on one side or another

of whatever the arches care to teach

From a ridge or a beach

all will smile to you

when on a clear day

like me you see all

the way to tomorrow

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