When the leaves

will have fallen

I will be far away

When the leaves

will be none

I will be long gone

Please believe

me when I say

I’ll return before long

Please do not weep

when I wave

adieu Love, so long

When the wind will have taken

the leaves to the ground

I will not be around

They will be tossed

in piles and turn

like my love to dust

Only then will snow

fill the air as if

our countless kisses

had crystalized

Only then my Love

I will be back to you

As soft as a dove

My chrysalis anew

How well

How well you hide
Loving love of mine
Under the covers
Of some best tellers
Behind the curtains
Of remote mansions
Camouflaged alas
In the dense tall grass

Hardly I speak
The rythm you keep
Deep in the groins
In the heights of loins
Of masked deities
playing humanitease

Come out and brace
My heart with grace
How well you hide
Lively love of mine

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